APS360 Fundamentals of AI

Winter 2019

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You will work in a group of 3 to build a useful machine learning system.

Project Proposal3%Feb 24, 9pm
Progress Meeting with TA Mentor3%Mar 4-11
Progress Report4%Mar 17, 9pm
Presentation SlidesMar 29, 9pm
Presentation10%Apr 1 and Apr 4
Project Report10%Apr 5, 9pm


Unless agreed upon otherwise with the instructor, your project code will be open-source and hosted on GitHub. If your team would like to use a different platform, or keep the code close-source, please speak to the instructor.

We will be using Microsoft PowerPoint as the standard presentation software for this course. You will be required to set up your slides to advance automatically without intervention, to avoid running over time. If you do not have MS PowerPoint, you can download the software from here.

All portions of the assignment must be completed as a group. Every student must participate in all parts of the group assignment in order to earn the marks. If a group member is not contributing, please contact the instructor immediately.

You may have limited class time during tutorials to work on the group assignment. Your attendance to these classes will be recorded. Your attendance to these classes are a way that you demonstrate to the instructor that you are participating in your group work.

In the end, your primary responsibility is to your team members. If they report to me that you have not contributed to a part of the assignment, you may be removed from the group and receive a zero for all parts of this assignment.

Late group work will be assigned a grade of zero, so please submit early! The presentation slides must be submitted on time so that the TAs has time to review and queue them for the presentation day.

Presentations must be delivered in class, and in random order. Please contact the instructor in advance if you require special considerations. In case of illness or other disasters, contact the instructor as soon as possible.

Project Proposal

More information coming soon.


There is no set template for this assignment, and you may create your own template to suit the needs of your team and project.


More information coming oson.

Progress meeting with TA Mentor

Each team will be assigned to meet with a TA mentor, and you must schedule a time to meet with the TA. Teams should use this time to ask questions, report progress, and brainstorm with a more experienced machine learning researcher.


You will be graded on:

  • Preparedness How prepared were you for the meeting? Did you prepare questions and areas of concerns?
  • Progress Did you make progress towards your project, including possibly collecting data, cleaning data, and implemeting your baseline?
  • Resourcefulness How well did you take advantage of the meeting to further your project?

Progress Report

Teams will report the progress they have made towards the project.

More guidelines will be posted soon.

Project Presentation

Each group will present their work to the class. Each group will have 6 minutes to present their work, and each team member must speak for at least 1.5 minutes. To ensure proper timing, your presentation slides must be set up to advance autoamtically without human intervention. Improper setup or presentations that runs over time will result in a 10% penalty.

More guidelines will be posted soon.

Project Report

Each group will submit a final project report. The report will be structured somewhat like a research paper. Your project report must link to your github repository.

More guidelines will be posted soon.