APS360 Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Summer 2019


Final Term Test

The final term test will take place Thursday August 1, 2019 in room SF3202.

We will begin writing promptly at 6:00pm, and finish at 8:30pm. No aids will be permitted.

The final will cover all materials covered in the lectures, labs, and assignments. You maybe asked to read, understand, and identify errors in code. You may be asked to fill in small portions of code, or provide step-by-step instructions to a programmer with access to the PyTorch API. You will not be graded on syntax, or remembering the names of functions. Nor are you expected to know, for example, the order of the arguments of "nn.Conv2d". You are expected to know that "nn.Conv2d" is a convolutional layer, whereas "optim.SGD" is an optimizer.

Last term's final exam is posted on Quercus.

Here is a list of topics (not exhaustive).