CSC338 Numerical Methods (UTM)

Winter 2020

Exam FAQ


The midterm take place February 26th during the first hour of lecture, between 3:10pm and 4:00pm.

You are allowed a non-programmable calculator and one single-sided aid sheet. The aid sheet can only be used by the person that prepared it. It cannot be photocopied.


The midterm will cover materials from:

  • lectures 1-6, up to but not including QR Factorization.
  • tutorials 1-6
  • homeworks 1-5

Practise Midterms

These are midterms from previous offerings of similar courses. As always, midterm coverages varies from term to term: there might be materials covered in earlier courses that we did not cover, and vice versa.

Midterm Remark Requests

Remark requests are to help detect and fix mistakes during grading. While we want to fix our mistakes, we also discourage frivolous requests that take resources away from helping you learn the materials.

Only submit a remark request if you notice either:

  1. A typographical mistake, e.g. adding or transcription error unrelated to course content, OR
  2. A discrepancy between the grading of your midterm and the posted solutions, e.g. part mark allocation that differs from the posted solutions.

Do not submit a remark request if you would like to be graded based on a different grading scheme. We are applying the same grading scheme for all students, and cannot change the grading scheme at this point.

If you notice a typographical mistake, please describe the exact issue. If your remark request is for mistakes that we can verify without reading your solutions, we won't review your entire midterm.

If you notice a discrepancy between your grading and the posted solutions, the grading for the entire midterm will be reviewed. Your grade **can** potentially decrease if the TA was too lenient!

Remark requests can be submitted on Markus by March 9th, 9pm.