CSC338 Numerical Methods (UTM)

Winter 2019



Homeworks are due every other week, and each homework assignment is worth 8% of your final grade. They will be collected using MarkUs.

As with any CS assignment, start early, so you leave ample time to understand what you're supposed to do. Here are some other guidelines for homeworks:

  • You may not import any libraries or modules unless explicitly told to do so.
  • You may write helper functions freely; in fact, you are encouraged to do so to keep your code easy to understand.
  • Code that cannot be imported (e.g., due to a syntax error, compilation error, or runtime error during import) will receive a grade of zero! Please make sure to run all of your code before your final submission, and test it on the Teaching Lab environment (which is the environment we use for testing).
  • Homework must be completed individually.
  • Please review the homework grace token policy on the Course Syllabus before the homework deadline.
  • Homeworks are graded through a combination of automated test suites and TA evaluations.


Homework 18%Jan 21, 8:59pmHandout and Starter Code [ipynb] [html]
Homework 28%Feb 4, 8:59pm
Homework 38%Mar 4, 8:59pm
Homework 48%Mar 18, 8:59pm
Homework 58%Apr 1, 8:59pm