CSC108S --- Spring 2002

Welcome to CSC108S

This is the home page for the St. George campus Winter/Spring edition of CSC108: an introduction to computer programming using Java. You'll need to refer to this page regularly to find current information on assignments, tests, and fuller explanation of programming in Java.

The course information sheet explains how the St. George sections of this course are run.

My office hours are 4--5 pm every weekday, plus 5--5:45 pm on Wednesdays, and 7:30--8:30 am on Fridays, to accommodate students who work during the day. LAST TWO WEEKS: Office hours for Thursday April 4 and Thursday April 11 cancelled.

Since this course is coordinated between St. George campus and UTM, the course overview has lots of shared information about assignments, how to work with our computer lab, how to use CodeWarrior and Java.

You are encouraged to tinker with some of the examples discussed in class.

There is a student page for ProgramLive, where you might find advice about using PL, as well as reports of errors. As well, if you have technical problems with the ProgramLive CD, check out ProgramLive support to get some answers.

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