I really enjoy teaching. My mom and grandmother are both schoolteachers, and I have been teaching math, computer science and drama for several years.

Computer Science

At the University of Toronto, I've had a chance to teach several courses (CSC108, CSC148, CSC165) as a TA and three as a course instructor:

  • CSC148 (Fall 2012)
  • CSC148 (Spring 2012), alongside Paul Gries
  • CSC108 (Spring 2011), alongside Wael Aboelsaadat


Since my arrival in Canada in 1999, I have been involved with the Canadian chapter of the international Math Kangaroo contest, for the past few years as co-organizer. The Math Kangaroo consists of 24 multiple choice questions, and it's meant to challenge students in grades 1-12 to think outside the box and solve math problems that may be a bit more creative than what they normally see in school. In 2010, I attended the problem selection conference in Tbilisi, Georgia and since then I have been conducting some of the online training sessions that prepare students for the contest.


In 2008-2009, I was the director and leader of the Bulgarian Students' Experimental Theatre of Ottawa, an organization whose goal was to introduce Bulgarian youth to theatre and teach them self-confidence and acting skills. We presented 2-3 plays a year, notably a full-length production of "Civilization Misunderstood" by Dobri Voinikov.