Research Interests & CV

Current Research Interests

With the rising popularity of devices that support digital reading (laptops, tablets, dedicated e-readers), active reading tasks such as summarization, reading for content and learning are performed in a digital context. Digital instructional content is being disseminated at the university level, but also increasingly to high and middle school students. However, there is a vast wealth of unanswered questions about how to elicit the full potential of digital devices as cognitive artifacts.

My research interests center around facilitating the cognitive tasks associated with learning through reading on digital devices. This has three main aspects.

The first aspect is UI-based and consists of understanding and developing ways to support reading strategies and activities that are currently associated with traditional reading: seamless markup and annotation, spatial arrangement and better document navigation.

The second avenue of research bridges into cognitive psychology, asking the question “In what ways can digital reading devices support, augment and facilitate the task of learning through their unique affordances?” This avenue of research involves discovering and designing cognitive tools that alter the task of reading itself in the service of human cognition.

The third avenue focuses on education and designing better textbooks and learning materials by going beyond written text. This explores how the use of live demos, multimedia and other non-textual attributes can enhance our understanding of the subject matter.

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  • Wolfond Scholarship in Wireless Information Technology (2011)
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2009-2010)
  • Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement (Carleton University 2009)
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (Carleton University 2005, 2006)


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  • Pandeliev, V. & Baecker, R. (2010, May). A Framework for the Online Evaluation of Games for Health. Poster at Games for Health 2010 Conference, Boston, MA.
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  • Roberts, M. A., LeFevre, J., Penner-Wilger, M., & Pandeliev, V (2006, November).Fowr + Siks: Pseudohomophones and the impact of phonological codes in solving simple arithmetic problems. Accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Houston, TX.