CSC108H (StG, Summer 2012): Lectures


Before lecture

I'll post the lecture notes very shortly before class.

After lecture

After each lecture, I will try to post code developed during lecture, as well as any slides I use.

I post these materials to help you focus on thinking and participating in class without worrying about copying down every little detail. But a lot happens in lecture that will not be represented in these posted materials, and I urge you to augment them with your own personal notes.


Readings for each week are also listed below. You are responsible for keeping up with these during the term. Note that some of the topics may shift around a bit, depending on how we progress.

Date Readings Slides Code
  • May 17
  • chapter 1 (Introduction to Python)

Note that these have been slightly changed from lecture to fix mistakes

  • May 24
  • chapter 2 (Python basics)
  • chapter 6 (Booleans)
  • The first shell where we played with booleans.
  • An old shell that roughly covers the print vs. return stuff we did.
  • The original plan for the shell.
  • We modified this to use a global variable.
  • Then we modified this to break by trying to alter a global variable in a local namespace.
  • Finally we modified this to break by trying to access a local variable in a global namespace.
  • This is the original version of namespaces. We modified it by first reusing the variables named x y and z.
  • Then we modified it to have f call g inside of it.
  • May 31
  • chapter 3 (Strings)
  • chapter 4 (Modules)
  • June 7
  • chapter 7 (Loops)
  • chapter 5 (Lists)
  • The first shell before the infinite loop
  • The second shell after the infinite loop
  • Didn't have time to make a shell plan this week.
  • June 14
  • chapter 8 (Files)
  • June 21
  • chapter 9 (Dictionaries)
  • June 28
  • None, Midterm
  • July 5
  • Chapter 4.5 (Nose), Chapter 12.3-12.4 (Debugging)
  • July 12
  • Chapter 11.3-11.4,(Sorting)
  • July 19
  • Chapter 10 is somewhat tangentially related.
  • July 26
  • Chapter 13 (Classes)
  • Aug 2nd
  • Classes Again
  • Aug 9th
  • Review