CSC108H (StG, Summer 2012): Introduction to Computer Programming


Welcome to the course webpage for the Summer 2012 term of CSC108H, an Introduction to Computer Programming, on the St George campus. This course teaches the basics of programming in Python, which is an industrial-strength programming language used at companies like Google and Industrial Light and Magic.

The Course Info Sheet has all the official information for the course. This webpage adds a few more details.

Contact information

Instructor Email Office Office Hours
Marek Janicki quellan [at] BA 2270 M4-6 F2-4


Help Centre

The Department of Computer Science has a Help Centre with TAs who are able to help you with first year courses (as well as most second-year and some third-year courses). It opens in the second week of term. Regular hours are Monday to Thursday from 2-4pm. The Help Centre is located in BA2270.