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John Mylopoulos received his BEng degree from Brown University in 1966 and his PhD degree from Princeton in 1970, the year he joined the faculty of the University of Toronto. His research interests include information modelling techniques, covering notations, implementation techniques and applications, knowledge based systems, semantic data models, information system design and requirements engineering.

Mylopoulos is the recipient of the first Outstanding Services Award given by the Canadian AI Society (CSCSI), a co-recipient of the best-paper award of the 1994 International Conference on Software Engineering, a fellow of the American Association for AI (AAAI) and the elected president of the VLDB Endowment (1998-01, re-elected for the period 2002-05). He is co-editor of the Requirements Engineering Journal, published by Springer-Verlag. He has also contributed to the organization of major international conferences, including program co-chair of the International Joint Conference of AI (1991), general chair of the Entity-Relationship conference (1994), program chair of the International IEEE Symposium of Requirements Engineering (1997), and general chair of the 30th VLDB Conference (2004). He has served on the editorial board of several international journals.

He has served on the editorial board of several international journals.

He is currently leading a number of research projects and is principal investigator of both a national and a provincial Centre of Excellence. In particular, he leads a project on software reengineering (funded by NSERC, IBM Canada and Bell University Laboratories), a project on Knowledge Management (funded by Bell University Laboratories, PRECARN and Techne Knowledge Systems) , as well as a project on Peer-to-Peer Data Management (funded by CITO, NSERC, and Bell University Laboratories.)

Selected Publications:

  • Roussopoulos, N., Mylopoulos, J., "Using Semantic Networks for Database Management", Proceedings of the First International Conference on Very Large Databases, September 1975, 144-172. ( PDF )

  • Mylopoulos, J., Bernstein, P. and Wong, H., "A language facility for designing interactive database-intensive applications", ACM Transactions on Database Systems 5(2), June 1980. ( PDF )

  • Greenspan, S., Mylopoulos, J. and Borgida, A., "Capturing more world knowledge in the requirements specification", in the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Software Engineering, Tokyo, 1982. ( PDF )

  • Brodie, M., Mylopoulos, J. and Schmidt, J.,(eds.) On Conceptual Modelling: Perspectives from Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Programming Languages, Springer Verlag, 1984.

  • Mylopoulos, J., Borgida, A., Jarke, M. and Koubarakis, M., "Telos: Representing Knowledge About Information Systems" ACM Transactions on Information Systems 8(4), October 1990. ( PDF )

  • Mylopoulos, J., Chung L., and Nixon, B., "Representing and using non-functional requirements: a process-oriented approach", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, June 1992. ( PDF )

  • Borgida, A., Mylopoulos, J. and Reiter R., "On the frame problem in procedure specifications", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, October 1995. ( PDF )

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  • Gal, A., Kerr, S., and Mylopoulos, J., "Information Services for the Web: Building and Maintaining Domain Models", International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 8(4), December 1999, 227-254

  • Castro, J., Kolp, M., Mylopoulos, J., "Towards Requirements-Driven Software Development Methodology: The Tropos Project," Information Systems, June 2002. ( PDF )


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