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This World Wide Web server has been established to provide general information and online resources about the graduate course titled "Conceptual Modeling", offered by the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Toronto .

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Course Title: Conceptual Modeling

Course Description:  This course is intended to teach conceptual modelling notations and how to use them.

The bulk of the course is dedicated to introductions of different modeling languages and their features. These include the Unified Modelling Language (UML), CLASSIC, and KAOS. UML is an object-oriented modelling language, for modelling all aspects of a software system. CLASSIC is a description-based knowledge representation language which supports a tractable form of inference. KAOS is a formal requirements modelling language for specifying goals, entities, relationships, actions and agents.

In addition to covering in detail these, the course reviews the history of conceptual modelling, and covers more advanced topics, such as ontologies, metamodelling, modelling intentions and social settings.

Winter Term, 2004