CSC2401 Home Page (Fall 2003)

This page provides WWW access to various documents concerning csc2401. Many of these documents are electronic versions of handouts given in class. Announcements will also be made on this page. IMPORTANT: WE WILL NOW MEET in GB412 except for November 6 when we will meet in MP137. The second assignment now has a question 3 and soon will have a question 4. The due date for questions 3 and 4 is November 20.

Please send any comments or questions to the instructor:

This course is a standard graduate level introduction to complexity. The text is ``Theory of Computational Complexity'' by Ding-Zhu Du and Ker-I KO. We will follow previous versions of this course and, in particular, the course will be quite similar to the versions taught in 2001 and 2002. The course meets Thursdays 10-12 in GB412. (NOTE change of room.)


  • Assignment 1 ps version and pdf version
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  • Assignment 2 ps version and pdf version
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  • Assignment 3 ps version and pdf version
  • Here follows the current tentative syllabus.


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