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Research Interests

My research interests are in Query Optimization, particularly XML Query Optimization, XML Native Databases, Web Query Languages and Information Integration Systems.
Another area of interest is Knowledge and Content Management, particularly how to build semantic models for strategic business analysts and also how to build an efficient Content Management System to support strategic business analyst's work.


ToX ToX stands for TOronto Xml server. It is a research effort for identifying problems related with building a large, scalable XML Data Server. That is, the goal is to provide the same functionality for XML data as the actual DBMS provide for the "traditional" data types. We are interested in issues like efficient storage and index structure for XML data/documents; query optimization techniques for XML query processing; metrics for XML document "structureness" and also benchmarks for XML storage/query.
EXIP EXIP stands for Executive Information Portal. EXIP is a Knowledge Management System. It offers tools for building and analyzing semantic models, as well as events and actors; provides semi-automatic classification and clustering of documents; furthermore documents are placed in XML format and stored in an XML server. EXIP provides a Content Management System (CMS) in which analysts can annotate, summarize documents and relate them to nodes of the semantic model.
WebCat WebCat is methodology for integrating large collections of HTML pages organized in some kind of hierarchy using domain ontologies. WebCat uses a standard wrapper/mediator architecture. The novelty of the method resides in the high level, declarative way in which we build our wrappers and in the integration method called Information Integration with Semantic.
WebOSys WebOSys is a lightweight operating system that treats the Web as a single large computing resource. Using WebOSys a user can run serial Java programs on faster machines, and she can run parallel or multithread Java programs on heterogeneous machines over the Web. This computation is transparent to the user, and the user is not required to have an account on the machines that execute the computation.
WebOSys is scalable, provides load balancing, fault tolerance, security, safety, and correctness in the context of the Web.
WebOSys is 100% Pure Java solution.

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