A T T I L A   B A R T A


I am an alumni of the Database Group. During my graduate studies I was honored to work with Prof. Alberto Mendelzon and Prof. Mariano Consens. Currently I am a Senior Managing Consultant with the Technology Strategy Practice within IBM Global Business Services.

I joined DCS in September 1996. Between 1997 and 2000 I was a fellowship student at IBM Centre for Advaced Studies. In 2001 I had interned with IBM Almaden Research Center, in 2003 with IBM Extreme Blue at IBM Research Triagle Park and in 2004 with IBM WebAhead Lab in Southbury, CT. Also part of my work at IBM are seven patens and I was awarded the First Plateau Invention Award in December 2003.

In 2000 I was on leave of absence from my PhD program and I was the manager of the Knowledge Management Lab, which is a Bell University Laboratory.


Before joining U of T, I was a senior research scientist at National Institute for Research in Informatics in the Databanks Laboratory. Also I lectured Database courses at the Faculty of Cybernetics, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. More details can be found in my resume.

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