A T T I L A   B A R T A

I am a proud Canadian of Hungarian descent, I was born too many years ago :) in Transylvania which is now part of Romania. My hometown is Csikszereda (Rom: Miercurea-Ciuc) the seat of Hargita (Rom: Harghita) county.
I graduated from University of Bucharest in 1989. I started as analyst/programmer for several companies until I joined, in 1993, the National Institute for Research in Informatics as research scientist in the Information Retrieval Laboratory. Meanwhile, since 1992, I had a double appointment with the Faculty of Informatics and Cybernetics, from the Academy of Economic Studies as Associated Assistant Professor. Since 1995 I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I joined U of T in September 1996 I was awarded my M.Sc. in 1998 and my Ph.D. in 2006. In 1998 I first joined IBM and I am there still.

A fun articol about Hungarian scientists from the Nature journal here. And a follow-up here.

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