Header image First International Workshop on  
Orlando, Florida
26 October, 2009
Call for Participation

Our intent is to create a lively, interactive discussion, to foster brainstorming and community building. Registration will be open to all. However, we strongly encourage participants to submit (one or more) brief (1-page) responses to the challenge statement, either as:

  • Descriptions of existing research projects relevant to the challenge statement (preferably with pointers to published papers and/or online resources);
  • Position papers outlining potential research projects.

Be creative and forward-thinking in these proposals: think of the future, and think big!

There will be no formal publication of proceedings. Instead we will circulate all submitted papers to participants in advance of the workshop, via the workshop website, and invite participants to revise/update/embellish their contributions in response to everyone else’s contributions. Our plan is to write a post-workshop report, which will draw on both the submitted papers and the discussions during the workshop. This report will lay out a suggested agenda for both short-term and long-term research in response to the challenge, and act as a roadmap for subsequent workshops and funding proposals.

Inquiries and submissions should be sent to the workshop chair, Steve Easterbrook.

For discussions about this workshop and related initiatives, please visit the Google group SE-for-the-planet.