Header image First International Workshop on  
Orlando, Florida
26 October, 2009

First, some photos from the workshop (click each for a bigger version).


List of attendees:

  • Ruzanna Chitchyan
  • Michael Tobis
  • Mehmet Aksit
  • Pietu Pohjalainen
  • Juha Taina
  • Lisa Jamba
  • Maryam Purvis
  • Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
  • He Zhang
  • Richard Biehl
  • Eric Van Wyk
  • Martin Glas
  • Wolf von Reden
  • Bernd Bruegge
  • Jorge Vallejos
  • Carsten Goerg
  • Chris Parnin
  • Steve Easterbrook
  • Jon Pipitone
  • Jorge Aranda

And apologies from Lin Liu and J. Scott Hawker, who have been there if they could.

Slides from presentations
Notes from the brainstorming session

By the end of the workshop, we had clustered our ideas into five groups, along with a set of cross-cutting concerns. Here's the clusters:

And of course, we took lots of notes during the discussion: