Social Networks: Models and Applications
Fall 2007

Tuesdays 4pm, BA5256

This Term

Today's social networking Web sites, such as YouTube, Flickr, or MySpace, attract millions of users. These sites allow users to share their own data. For example, Skype has very recently added a feature to their VoIP application that allows users to share reviews/recommendations with friends on their contact list. While already being hugely popular, these applications only scratch the surface of what seems to be possible. Making more sophisticated use of social networking applications requires a better understanding of (1) how online social networks are formed, and (2) how these networks can be used to efficiently share/distributed information.

In this seminar, We will study these issues by discussing recent papers on mathematical models for social networks together with applications that make use of social networks. Participants are expected to present a paper. This seminar is organized by Yashar Ganjali, Nick Koudas, Peter Marbach, and Stefan Saroiu.

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