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Goal-Oriented Software Engineering
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Selected Publications
  • Y. Yu, J. C. Leite, J. Mylopoulos. From Goals to Aspects: Discovering Aspects from Requirements Goal Models, RE’04, 2004. draft
  • Y. Yu, H. Dayani-Fard, J. Mylopoulos. Improving Productivity by Reducing Build Time, submitted, 2004. draft
  • Y. Yu, J. Mylopoulos, E. Yu,  J.C. Leite, L. Liu, E. H. D’Hollander. Software Refactoring Guided by Multiple Soft-goals, REFACE’03, 2003. paper
  • Y. Yu, H. Dayani-Fard, J. Mylopoulos. Removing False Code Dependencies to Speedup Software Build Processes, CASCON 2003, Toronto, Canada, Oct 2003. paper
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