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The Knowledge Management Lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto conducts research into the representation, organization, acquisition, retention and analysis of knowledge. Research in knowledge management is driven by a very practical and very common problem -- information overload. It has been estimated that the world's annual production of information as of 2002 would require 5 billion gigabytes of storage and that this number is growing by about 30% annually.

The Knowledge Management Lab conducts both basic and applied research in support of concepts, methodologies and software tools for the management of knowledge. Much of our research centres around models  -- semantic models, conceptual models, ontologies, models of intentional actors and the relationships between them. In addition to conducting basic research into such models, we make practical use of them in a wide range of projects to, for example,  represent the common knowledge of groups of knowledge workers, to answer questions about security and privacy in the Internet, to organize medical knowledge in order to answer clinical questions, and more.

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