Designing Speech and Language Interactions Workshop

CHI 2014, Toronto, Canada


9:00am Welcome
9:15am Introductions by workshop participants (2-3 minutes each)
10:45am Coffee break
11:15am Discussion of papers in breakout groups
12:30pm Lunch break
2:00pm Design activity (same breakout groups)
3:15pm Coffee break
3:45pm Breakout groups report on design
4:30 Discussion on workshop themes (all participants)
5:00 Conclusions, wrap-up, action plan
5:30 Dinner (optional)

Note on lunch and dinner: these are not included with the workshop reservation. Participants are responsible for their own lunch/dinner arrangements. For those wanting to have lunch and dinner as a group, we will reserve a group table at a nearby restaurant (details to be discussed during the morning break)

Breakout Groups

Each workshop participant is assigned to a breakout group. Participants are asked to read all the papers from their assigned breakout group. The author of each paper will give a very short introduction of the paper (2-3 minutes), after which participants will discuss each paper and how it can inform the workshop themes (printed worksheets will be provided).

During the afternoon sessions, each breakout group will finalize the discussions around the papers, and then engage in a brainstorming on designing an interactive spoken language application (details and worksheets will be provided). The afternoon will conclude with each breakout group reporting, in plenary, the results of their brainstorming.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5