APS360 Fundamentals of AI

Winter 2019

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The midterm will take place Thursday Feb 28, 2019 in room RW117.

We will begin writing at 6:10pm, and finish at 8:00pm. No aids will be permitted.

You should write in pen if you want to potentially contest your grade on the midterm. We will not accept remark requests for midterms written in pencil.

The midterm will cover all materials covered in the lectures, tutorials, and assignments. You will not need to write code, but you may be asked to read, understand, and identify errors in code. You are not expected to know, for example, the order of the arguments of "nn.Conv2d". You are expected to know that "nn.Conv2d" is a convolutional layer, whereas "optim.SGD" is an optimizer.

Here is a practice midterm. The practice midterm is meant to show you the style of questions that you should expect. It is roughly half the size of the actual midterm.

Remark Requests

If you wish to submit a remark request, write a cover page explaining the exact issues with the marking. The entire midterm will be reviewed, so your new mark can either decrease, increase, or stay the same.

Remember for the short-answer questions, the TA's interpretation of your answer is more important than your intention when you wrote down the answer.

Remark requests are due 10 minutes after the guest lecture on March 11th.