CSC321 Neural Networks and Machine Learning (UTM)

Winter 2020

Exam FAQ


There will be four coding projects due throughout the term. The code projects are to be done on Google Colab, to minimize computer setup.

The projects are to be done either individually or in pairs. No groups of three will be permitted. You do not have to work with the same partner for all four projects.

Submit your homework on Markus by exporting your Google Colab notebook as PDF. Sometimes, the PDF files are cut off during the exporting process, so as a precaution please also include a link to your Google Colab notebook.

It is very important to start early because training neural network models can be very time consuming!

You will be told what libraries or modules you can import. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot use, please ask on Piazza. You may write helper functions freely; in fact, you are encouraged to do so to keep your code easy to understand!

It is considered an academic offense to both provide or receive help from other students other than your partner, except:

  • By asking and answering questions on Piazza. Please do not show partial solutions or code on Piazza.
  • During office hours, under the supervision of an instructor or teaching assistant.
  • During certain tutorials, under the supervision of an instructor or teaching assistant.

Please review the late homework policy on the Course Syllabus before the homework deadline.