CSC321 Neural Networks and Machine Learning (UTM)

Winter 2020

Exam FAQ


The written homeworks helps you better understand the mathematical foundations of the models we study in this course. Unless we discuss otherwise, materials for a homework is covered at least one week before it is due.

Homeworks are to be completedly individually. You may not discuss the homework with anyone other than your instructors and teaching assistants.

It is considered an academic offense to both provide or receive help from other students, except:

  • By asking and answering questions on Piazza. Please do not show partial solutions on Piazza.
  • During office hours, under the supervision of an instructor or teaching assistant.
  • During certain tutorials, under the supervision of an instructor or teaching assistant.

Please review the late homework policy on the Course Syllabus before the homework deadline.

Remark Requests

If you notice a mistake in the grading, please submit a remark request on Markus (Homework X => Results => Remark Request => fill in the request box). Requests are typically due one week after the grades are released, so check the Quercus announcements for the remark deadline.

Please be specific in describing the exact issue with the grading. If you submit a remark request, the grading for the entire assignment will be reviewed. Your grade might increase, decrease, or stay the same.