Term Test

The midterm has been released. Go to Quercus, the Files tab, and check under the folder "MidtermPDF+LaTeX".
You've all got an extra 20 minutes (I decided to release a bit early to give myself time in case of any technical problems).
Make sure to read all instructions carefully, and to contact me with questions or problems as soon as possible.
Good luck! :)

The term test is open-book and take-home. The PDF will be on Quercus, and you will submit your solutions via MarkUs (same as A1, but NO grace tokens!). An announcement will be made here and on Quercus once the PDF and .tex are posted. This should happen around 12:01AM Toronto time on March 11th. The midterm is due on March 13th at 11:50PM.
The midterm covers up to Week 6 inclusive. Since we are a little behind the official schedule, it's all the lectures + tutorials up to and including the week 6 material in Lecture on Feb 28th. In other words, up to and including this slide deck

Final Exam

The Final Exam starts April 18th at 19:00 Toronto time (i.e. 7PM), and ends April 20th at 19:00 Toronto time.
The Final Exam will be open-book and take-home, completed over the 48 hour period.
To help you study, I've made some practice questions. We will be going over the solutions in-tutorial on April 8th. As these questions are purely for practice, feel free to discuss how to solve them on the class forum or with me in office hours.

Material covered: the exam will be cumulative; it will cover the entire material of the course.

Update: The final will be released via Quercus Files, for details and the grading scheme, see the info document