I am currently an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, at the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science.

To the right is the most flattering picture of myself I could find. It also has the advantage that it perfectly encapsulates my relationship with chocolate.

Current teaching

Here are the courses I’m teaching in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Fall 2017

Winter 2018

My life so far

I was born in Ottawa some time ago, and after spending a few years skating on the Rideau Canal, I moved to Toronto to attend this place.

I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, primarily with these fantastic people, and would not be where I am today without the inspiration and support of Levent Tuncel and Andrew Childs.

After I graduated, I moved right around the corner from the best cafe in Toronto. I completed a Master’s degree in the Computer Science Theory Group at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Toni Pitassi and Steve Cook. In July 2015, I joined the department permanently as a teaching-stream faculty member.

Other things about me

Contact information

My office is located in the Bahen Centre, room 4260. I’m usually in my office during the day – if you see my door open, please feel free to stop by for a chat! (But for an extra guarantee, send me an email to set up an appointment.)

My email address is david at cs dot toronto dot edu. Please include a descriptive subject line if you try to contact me – otherwise I can’t guarantee the co-operation of my spam filter.