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On October 13, 2023 at 1PM, we will hold our first general membership meeting (GMM). The rough agenda items include introduction to CSGSBS, a vote on a new constitution, and general election.

  • The GMM will take place in BA 7231 (Bahen Centre).
  • We will video conference on Zoom for students unable to attend physically.
  • For those of you attending in-person, lunch will be provided!

While not required, we would appreciate if you complete this form for feedback and catering purposes.

A New Constitution?

We have drafted a new constitution and are seeking feedback and ultimate approval from the general membership. Please have a look at the before-and-after and propose any amendments ahead of the GMM.

Ideally, we will make appropriate amendments to the draft before it is presented at the GMM. However, during the meeting we will hold a Q&A session and accept further amendments on the draft before voting on it as a whole.

feedback form (same as above)

Nominations for the General Election

Joining the CSGSBS council is a great way to make a difference, serve your fellow graduate students, and meet new people. If you’re interested, please have a look at both versions of the Constitution. Candidates may run for multiple positions, except for both President+Vice-President or President+Treasurer.

This election is somewhat unusual as it will take place immediately after the vote on a new constitution. Up until the candidates’ introductions (after the vote on the constitution) during the GMM, we welcome self-nominations. Most of the roles and duties remain unchanged, but should the new constitution be rejected,

  • Candidates for Vice-President may choose to withdraw or instead stand for President.*
  • The Liaison for Applied Computing Students will be appointed and non-voting.**

nominations form (same as above)


  1. “Computer Science Graduate Society” (CSGS) was selected as the new name by popular vote.
  2. Otherwise, the constitution draft from Oct 2, 2023 was approved by popular vote.
  3. Our general election resulted in the following roles.
Role (+ex officio) Holder
President Bohdan (Bogdan) Pikula
Vice-President Akshay Arun Bapat
Treasurer Georgianna (Blue) Lin
Ambassador to the Union (GSU Rep) (vacant)
Workers’ Union Delegate (CUPE 3902 Rep) Nathan Peter Michael Gurrin-Smith
Social Coordinator Bo (Brian) Fu
Social Coordinator Pawan Kumar Sanjaya
Social Coordinator Yi Xin (Nicole) Zhao
Systems Administrator Robert (Rupert) Wu
MScAC Liaison Robert Joshua Redelmeier