Fall 2018-2023
  • COG 260: Data, Computation and The Mind
Spring 2020-2024
  • COG 403: Seminar in Cognitive Science
Spring 2018/2019/2020/2021; Fall 2022-2023
  • CSC 2611 (2604): Computational Models of Semantic Change

Courses taught at UC Berkeley (2015-2017)

  • COGSCI 190: Data Science and Cognition
  • COGSCI 88: Data Science and The Mind

Open course resources

Summary notes for basic computational ideas:
  • Probability theory: [pdf1] [pdf2]
  • Information theory: [pdf]
  • Statistical inference: [pdf]
A Python Jupyter notebook for exploring World Color Survey (Kay et al., 2009) - a crosslinguistic dataset of color naming: A Python Jupyter notebook for exploring CLICS (Rzymski, et al. 2019) - a crosslinguistic database of colexification: A brief tutorial on Python for data analysis:
  • Courtesy of Jessie Salas: [pdf]