Steve Easterbrook

Professor, Department of Computer Science.

University of Toronto, 
40 St George Street, 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E4, 

Phone: +1 (416) 978 3610 

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Member of the graduate faculty of the Centre for Environment
Member of the Centre for Global Change Science
Member of the Editorial Board for Geoscientific Model Development


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Research Interests

My research interests focus on the contributions of computing and software to the challenge of dealing with climate change. I like to use the label climate informatics to describe what I do. I've been studying how climate scientists develop computational models to improve their understanding of earth systems and climate change. When I started this work, I was really focussed on how they work as a software development community. But recently I've begun to explore the broader question of how they operate as a knowledge community.

My earlier work focussed on systems analysis for complex software-intensive systems, particularly questions such as how the views of different stakeholders can be compared and merged; the role of modelling for understanding and communicating key ideas about systems; software verification and validation and how it affects software quality; and the social and cognitive processes that support coordination within teams of software developers. I'm also interested in the broader question of how software development re-shapes human activities, or more accurately, how human activities and software systems co-evolve, each shaping the other in important ways.


My Students:

PhD students
MSc students
Susan Sim (now an assistant prof at UC Irvine)
Jonathan Lung
Daniel Levy
Mehrdad Sabetzadeh (now a postdoc at Simula)
James Williams
Nan Niu (now an assistant prof at MSU)
Elizabeth Patitsas
Wendy Liu
Jorge Aranda (now a postdoc at UVic)
Rick Salay (now a postdoc at U Toronto)
Lin Mei
Jon Pipitone

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Patents held: Patents? Why on earth would I have patents? I'm a scientist, dammit. Patents only get in the way of open dissemination of research results.


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Other interests

My interests include:
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