Graduate (MSc and PhD) students

If you'd like to study for a Master's or PhD with me, you must apply through the Computer Science department and mention my name in your statement of purpose. Unfortunately due to the volume of emails I receieve I apologize that I am unable to respond to individual inquiries. However, if you do write your name in your research statement then your application will find its way to me.

I am unable to comment on individual applications until they have made their way through the admission committee's process.

If you're an MD-PhD student or a clinical fellow interested in working with me, please apply through one of graduate programs in the LMP department.

Post-doctoral fellows

If you're interested in joining my group as a postdoctoral fellow, please apply through the Vector Institute's Postdoctoral Fellows program or the DSI Postdoctoral Fellow Program and put me down as a potential host.

We're always interested to hear from folks passionate about studying the intersection of machine learning and healthcare. If you are emailing me about upcoming opportunities, please do send me your CV, your transcripts, explain why you'd like to work with me and what your research interests are!

Undergraduate students

If you're an undergraduate at UofT, please email me directly with your CV, transcripts and a few paragraphs on what areas of machine learning/healthcare you're interested in exploring. Typically, undergraduate researchers join the lab after taking (and excelling) in CSC311 and-or CSC412. I typically accept new students into the lab in the summer supported by the NSERC or UTEA Undergraduate Research Awards, the T-CAIREM Summer Trainee Award or Summer Undergraduate Data Science Intern program (run by the Data Science Institute).


If you're interested in visiting my group or joining as an intern for the summer, you have a few options:

  • If you're a senior undergraduateMScPhD student in another university, the Vector Institute runs an internship program for the summer,

  • If you're a student in CS or EngSci at UofT, you can reach out to me directly,

  • MITACS Globalink provides opportunities for international students to visit UofT.