Tuesday, May 6, 2003. Oral Depth and Research Proposal Meeting

This page provides links to the documents that will be discussed at the upcoming (May 6/20003) depth oral and research proposal presentation.

Notes and additional tools

BIG tarball of works

Download tarball of ps and pdf versions of all documents: matzdiss.tarz 5M big.

Depth Paper version 2.2


Hypertext bibtex version of depth paper

Somewhat belatedly I realized that with relatively little work I could produce a hypertext version of the bibliography. In the process I noticed a few mangled and incorrect references. Correcting these mistakes caused the citation numbers to shift around such that they no longer correspond to the documents above. Hence, here is a new version of the depth paper that is identical apart from the bibliography and related citation numbers.

Research Proposal version 2.1


Additional documents describing work in progress

Trace Creation version 2.1

Describes Jootch, a Java program that simulates a trace driven JVM by collecting bytecode traces.


Trace Combination version 2.1

Describes a simple experiment to hand-translate traces selected by Jootch into C and run them.


Mathew Zaleski

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