Students should consult the forum at least once a week.

If you have a question, please check first the policies and the forum to see if your question is already answered. Email me if it isn't. I will only respond to emails sent to csc373 ☛ cs ☀ toronto ☀ edu .
You can also post non-personal questions (e.g. clarification requests about assignments, explanation requests for topics covered in lectures, etc.) on the forum so other students can also benefit from them.


    Aug 12:
      Solutions to the midterm.
      Solutions to A4.
      There will be 2 hour review session in class this evening.
    July 27:
      Updated A4.
    July 26:
      Assignment 4 is posted. Due 2 weeks from now at NOON.
    July 23:
      Clarifications on Q6 of A3.
    July 12:
      Solutions to the LP tutorial.
    July 11:
      Assignment 3 is posted! Due 2 weeks from today at midnight.
    July 3:
      The lecture notes are now posted on the course website as well, under the Time Table page.
    July 2:
      A2 Solutions
    June 26:
      A2Q5, the n for people and n for jobs are different. Changed it to n' people here
    June 25:
      There will be 2 hours of office hours in Robert's office SF4306D, Wednesday July 2nd from 5PM to 7PM
      A good practice for the midterm.
    June 24:
      The deadline for assignment 2 has been extended to Saturday June 28th, at midnight.
      I'm unable to login to my CDF account. Send your emails to lalla at cs
      If you want the TA feedback for assignment 1, email me your CDF ID and I'll send it to you.
    June 19:
      Clarifications on assignment 2.
    June 11:
      Assignment 2 is posted! It is due 2 weeks from today at midnight.
    May 23:
      Assignment 1 is posted! It is due 2 weeks from today at 10PM.
      You should be able to login to Markus now. Assignments that are not submitted through Markus will not be accepted.
    May 18:
      Lecture notes + relevant reading have been posted here.
    May 15:
      Office hours poll is posted on Piazza. You have until Sunday night to vote.
      Relevant reading: Allan Borodin's Lecture 2 and Sections 7.2 and 7.3 of Jeff Erickson's lecture notes.
    May 14:
      Ugh sorry guys! Nobody should be able to login to Markus until May 22nd. I forgot I set it up that way.
    May 13:
      Please email me (if you haven't done so already) if you can't login to Markus.

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