Kyros Kutulakos

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Office:  BA5264, Bahen Center (5th floor)
Phone:  (416) 946-8045
Fax:  (416) 978-1455
Email:  kyros AT

Mailing address:  10 King's College Road
Rm SF3302, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G4, Canada

Affiliation: Computer Vision Group, DGP

Current Students [ join my group!  ] [former students]Current Courses [past courses]
Liviu-Mihai Calin
Yue Jiang
Zhaowei Liu
Parsa Mirdehghan
Matt O'Toole
Andrew Tan
Huixuan Tang
Mian Wei
Pan Zhang
CSC320 Introduction to Visual Computing

Selected Publications [by topic] [by year] [GScholar]Selected Honors & Activities [bio] [cv]
Energy-Efficient Imaging, SIGGRAPH 2015 
ToF deblurring, CVPR 2015 
High-resolution RGB-Infrared Photography, ICCP 2015 
5D Transient Analysis of Light Transport, SIGGRAPH 2014 
Shape & Indirect Appearance by Structured Light Transport, CVPR 2014 
What Do Aberrated Photos Tell Us about the Lens & Scene?, ICCP 2013 
Primal-Dual Coding to Probe Light Transport, SIGGRAPH 2012 
Light-Efficient Photography, IEEE PAMI 2011 
Dynamic Refraction stereo, IEEE PAMI 2011 
Non-Rigid Structure from Locally-Rigid Motion, CVPR 2010 
Time-Constrained Photography, ICCV 2009 
Confocal Stereo, IJCV 2009 
Light-Path Triangulation, IJCV 2008 
A Theory of Inverse Light Transport, ICCV 2005 
Multi-View Shape & Motion Capture by Surfel Sampling, IJCV 2002 
A Theory of Shape by Space Carving, IJCV 2000 
Calibration-Free Augmented Reality, IEEE TVCG 1998 
Best Demo Award, CVPR 2015
Best Demo Award, ICCP 2015
Best Paper Runner-Up, CVPR 2014
Program Co-Chair, ICCV 2013
Program Co-Chair, ICCP 2010
Best Paper Runner-Up, ECCV 2006
Marr Prize Honorable Mention, ICCV 2005
Program Co-Chair, CVPR 2003
Sloan Research Fellowship, 2001
Marr Prize, ICCV 1999

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