CSC2227S | Summer 2021 | Paper Reviews

How to submit

Go to the 2227 HotCRP site to submit your reviews.

Paper Review Guidelines

An important component of this course is critical reading of the assigned papers and coming to class ready to discuss them. To help you in this process, we require that you submit a short review of each paper before the beginning of the class in which the paper will be discussed.

Your reviews should:

We do not want a book report or a repeat of the paper's abstract. Rather, we want your considered opinions about the key points indicated above. Of course, if you have an insight that doesn't fit the above format, please include it as well.

We want the reviews to be short, between 1/4 and 1/2 a page. Reviews must be submitted through the course HotCRP site. They should be spell-checked, and written in full sentences (except where the review form indicates that a bullet list is acceptable).

Reviews will be graded on a complete/incomplete basis (a very poor review will be considered incomplete). Each review is worth roughly 1%.

You do not have to prepare a written review for a paper that you are presenting.

You will be able to see other reviews on HotCRP as soon as you submit your own.

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