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CSC321 Spring 2014 - Tests

The final exam and midterm will be based in part on the homework assignments and will assume that you have completed them by yourselves. More generally, you are responsible for material covered in class, in tutorials, in the readings and on the assignments.

The midterm test (worth 20% of your final grade) will be held in class on Friday March 7. It will start promptly at 11:10am and will last for 50 minutes. It is closed book.

Here is an example midterm test from the St George section of this course. Question A2 has a picture of the net missing. Some of the questions are about material that is now in the second half of the course. The questions on our midterm test will be similar, though there will also be a more mathematical question.

The final exam (worth 40% of your final grade) will be TWO HOURS and will be closed book. It will cover the entire course but will emphasize material not covered on the midterm test.

Missed Tests

  • Missed tests will get a score of zero except in the case of an official Student Medical Certificate or a written (not email) request submitted at least one week before the test date and approved by the instructor.