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CSC321 Spring 2014 - Assignments

  • Assignments will normally be posted on this web page one week before they are due.
  • Each of the 4 assignments will be worth 10% of the final grade.
  • Late assignments will not be accepted.

Collaboration Policy for Assignments

  • You are expected to work on the assignments by yourself. You should not discuss them with anyone except the tutors or the instructor. The report you hand in should be entirely your own work and you may be asked to demonstrate how you got any results that you report.

What will be in the assignments

  • A typical assignment will require you to write (or modify) and use some Matlab code that implements a simple version of a learning procedure that has recently been covered in the course. You will have to submit a very brief report (one page plus figures) that describes the results you obtained.
  • Assignment 1 will involve using the backpropagation algorithm to learn distributed representations of words.
  • Assignment 2 will involve using variations of the basic backpropagation algorithm.
  • Assignment 3 will involve learning a mixture of Gaussians.
  • Assignment 4 will involve learning a Restricted Boltzmann Machine and using it to improve backpropagation.

Submitting your assignments

  • All assignments should be submitted electronically through the UTORSubmit web site.
  • For Assignment 1, submit a 2-page file containing your results and commentary, and an (optional) file of figures supporting your conclusions. The figures file should not contain any commentary.
  • For Assignment 2, submit a file containing your report on parts 1 and 2 (at most one page), a file containing your report on part 3 (at most half a page), and an (optional) file of figures and/or printouts supporting your conclusions. The optional file should not contain any commentary.
  • For Assignment 3, submit a file of figures and a 1-page file containing your reports. The figures file should not contain any commentary.
  • For Assignment 4, submit a file of text and a file of figures. Altogether, the files should be no more than 3 pages, with at most two pages of text.