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CSC104s --- The How and Why of Computing --- Spring 1997

Course Information Sheet

Section L0201 (Pruesse)

Test Note

This course outline (Jan 14 1997) pre-empts the previous outlines - the date of the second midterm has been changed to Friday April 4th. Please also see due dates for the assignments.


Name: Gara Pruesse
Office: Pratt Building, Room LP 386
Phone: 978-6028
Office hours: 11:00 - 12:00 p.m. Thursdays


Lectures: Tues & Thurs 9:10 -- 10:00 a.m. SS 217 (Sidney Smith)
Tutorials: Friday 9:10 -- 10:00 a.m. locations below
Tutorial Number Last Name Range Tutor Tutorial Room
1 A-D Lucia Moura SS 2118
2 E-L Keith Luk SS 2108
3 M-Z Oren Satov SS 1069

You must attend the assigned tutorial. There were no tutorials during the first week of classes.

Office Hours

Please make use of these opportunities to ask your questions. Office hours will begin on Wednesday January 8th and will continue until the end of the term. There will be no office hours during reading week.

For the first couple of weeks, the attending tutor will wander around looking for students having difficulties. Later in the term, you can find the tutor at a desk or table nearby.


Instructor Office Room Time Day
Ravin Balakrishnan CR319 11:10 am - noon Fridays
Gara Pruesse LP 386 11:10 am - noon Thursdays
Kem Luther SF2304a 5:10 - 6:00 pm Wednesdays
Michelle Craig SF2304b 5:10 - 6:00 pm Tuesdays


Tutors' office hours will be held in the Sigmund Samuel PC site at the following times:

Mondays to Thursdays 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Mondays and Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Things you need to buy

All items are available at the university bookstore.

Grading scheme

Assignment Date (week) Weight Comments
Assignment 1 February 7 (week 5) 10% due in tutorial
Midterm test 1 February 14 (week 6) 10% test held in tutorial
Assignment 2 March 21 (week 10) 10% due in tutorial
Midterm test 2 April 4 (week 12) 10% test held in tutorial
Assignment 3 April 11 (week 13) 10% due in tutorial
10 Labs one per tutorial 10% due in tutorial
Final Exam exam period (Apr 16 - May 9) 40% 3 hour exam - no aids

You must achieve at least 40 out of 100 on the final exam to pass this course.

Handing in Assignments

Notice that A1, A2, and A3 are to be handed in at the tutorial. Contrary to previous announcements, Good Friday has nothing to do with it.

Assignments are to be submitted to your tutor at the beginning of tutorial. 9:30 is considered late. Late assignments will be accepted at 10:00 of the due date for a 5% penalty. After that, assignments will be accepted up until 9:00 one week from the due date, with a 20% penalty. After one week late, work will not be accepted.

Yes, we really mean this. Late penalties are only waived for a good reason such as a documented medical or other emergency. Discuss any special circumstances with your lecturer, not your tutor.


The course work includes ten hands-on labs each worth 1% of your final grade. Labs are to be done on your own time at the computer and submitted to your tutor at the beginning of each tutorial. Labs will not be accepted at the lecture. There will be no labs due in week 6 (test 1), week 11 (Good Friday), and week 1 (no tutorial).

A tentative lab schedule is as follows, and may be subject to change: J17 User Interface; J24 Windows: Directories, etc.; J31 Binary Numbers; F7 CPU Simulator; F28 Defragmentation, etc.; M7 Databases; M14 Spreadsheets; M21 Using Files; A4 Compputer History Hypermedia; A11 Data Backup.

The first lab is due in your first tutorial on January 17th (J17). You are required to complete only the "steps" part of the lab and submit the printout from the self-test to your tutor. Use your university student number (not your 104 account number) when it asks you to give your ID number.

To begin the lab, log onto your account following your instructors directions or the directions in the PC guide. Then click on the 104 course labs icon and pick Using a Keyboard. Follow the instructions on pages 1-38 for the "Steps" portion of the lab.

If you would prefer to work at home on the labs and you have an IBM compatible PC with a CD-ROM drive, you may purchase the lab software on CD from the bookstore. A version of the textbook which comes with the accompanying software is available. This is completely optional.

Illness and other troubles

If you are too sick to write a test or to hand in an assignment on time, you must contact your instructor (not your tutor!) as soon as you return to class. Use email or see your instructor before class. If you are too sick for the final examination, phone your college registrar's office instead of your instructor.

Course Notices

You will be responsible for reading course announcements in the on-line newsgroup ut.cdfpc.csc104h and on the course web pages. See the PC Guide for details about how to do this.

On corkboards outside Sandford Fleming room 2304, we keep copies of the current assignment, marks, etc.


During the tutorials in weeks 5 and 10 we will meet in the classroom instead of your regular tutorial rooms. The movies we will be watching are available for library use only in the AV library and are as follows:

Week Date Video Title
Week 5 February 7 Giant Brains
Week 9 March 14 Thinking Machines

Special Dates

Date Description
Feb 17-21 Reading week (no lab hours or classes)
Friday March 7 last day to drop this course without academic penalty
Friday March 28 Good Friday; University closed
Thursday April 10 Last Lecture
April 16 - May 9 Exam Week

Lecture/Tutorial Schedule

Here is the lecture and tutorial schedule for Gara Pruesse's section.

Here is a link to other information maintained by Gara Pruesse. This information is specific to her section.

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