Additional Information for G. Pruesse's Section

Course Outline / Other Info

Here is a link to the course outline for Pruesse's Section, and here is a link to other information maintained by Gara Pruesse.

Lecture Schedule

Week # Date Reading Lecture Topic(s) Tutorial Content
W1 Jan 7 Ch 1 essential concepts no tutorial
W2 Jan 14 Ch 2 software / applications winoot editor intro
L1 Due
W3 Jan 21 Ch 2 multimedia html basics
L2 Due
W4 Jan 28 Ch 3 files & data storage more html, Q's
L3 Due
W5 Feb 4 Ch 4 architecture history video
L4 & A1 Due
W6 Feb 11 handout programming test 1
* Feb 18 none READING WEEK: No lecture No Tutorial or Lab hours
W7 Feb 25 handout programming take up T1, winoot
L5 Due
W8 Mar 4 handout programming turing examples
L6 Due
W9 Mar 11 Ch 6 & 7 networks / internet more turing examples, AI Video
L7 Due
W10 Mar 18 none AI AI video
L8 & A2 Due
W11 Mar 25 handout more AI / theory NO TUTORIAL - GOOD FRIDAY
W12 Apr 1 handout more theory test 2
L9 Due
W13 Apr 8 Ch 8 social issues/security/review exam review
L10 & A3 Due

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