CSC104 Perspective Concepts Labs

Ten percent of your final mark is for completing the ten perspective concepts labs that you'll hand in during your tutorial sessions. You may complete these labs at the CDF-PC computer site, or you may purchase the software so that you can complete them at home.

You will find these labs by clicking on the Perspective Concepts icon on your Windows program manager. When you begin the lab, you'll be asked for two pieces of information: enter your full name and your U of T student number (for section number). For each lab, you are only required to print out and hand in the sheet called Quick Check Report.

You will receive either a 0 or 1 out of 1 for each lab. There will be no partial credit. Spelling mistakes will not be marked wrong, but any answers that are not close will result in a mark of 0 out of 1.

The following is a list of the labs that have been assigned for this course. These labs are due in your tutorial session during the weeks listed below. Your first lab is due during the week of January 13th, 1997 (week 2). The actual due date will depend upon which day of the week your tutorial session is held.

Please NOTE: Some lecture sections may not assign the same labs that are listed below, so be sure to consult the course outline for your lecture section to make sure it follows the same lab schedule.

Lab # Week # Title of Lab
L1 week 2 User Interfaces
L2 week 3 Windows: Directories, Files and Folders
L3 week 4 Binary Numbers
L4 week 5 CPU Simulator
Note: No lab in week 6
L5 week 7 Defragmentation and Disk Operations
L6 week 8 Databases
L7 week 9 Spreadsheets
L8 week 10 Using Files
Note: No lab in week 11
L9 week 12 Computer History Hypermedia
L10 week 13 Data Backup

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