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These pages provide information on creating Open Agent Architecture agents using IndiGolog agent programming language.

IndiGolog is powerful agent programming language based on Situation Calculus.
It is a member of Golog family of languages. IndiGolog interpreter is implemented in Prolog.

IndiGolog supports complex agents that are:

  • able to do reasoning and planning
  • able to react to exogenous events
  • able to monitor plan execution and sense the environment
  • both reactive and proactive
  • written using very high-level language constructs
OAA is a multiagent system infrastructure that supports facilitated communications. OAA was developed at SRI International. The latest version supports agents written in Java, C/C++, Quintus Prolog, SICStus Prolog, Compaq's Web Language.

The interface presented here supports:

  • using IndiGolog agents in multiagent system developed with OAA
  • IndiGolog OAA agents that are both reactive and proactive
  • other agents written in any language supported by OAA
The interface is designed to support the integration of full-fledged IndiGolog agents in an OAA-based system without giving up any of the functionalities (data solvables, triggers, etc.) of such system.

The interface hides all of the low-level procedures that are used to communicate with the OAA system. OAA initialization is also hidden, leaving the IndiGolog programmer free to concentrate on the functionality of the agent.

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