August 4, 2013


I recently graduated from the department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto under the excellent supervision of Geoffrey Hinton. I am now a Research Scientist at Google in the Brain team. My interests lie in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics. I am currently pursuing research in algorithms for Deep Learning and in automated feature discovery in speech.

Here are links to some selected recent research projects and software (see Google scholar profile for a more detailed list).

  • Kaldi Recipe for TIMIT and decoding scripts - The TIMIT Kaldi recipe I used for my thesis and related papers. Please email me for instructions on how to use this recipe.
  • My PhD thesis - Exploring Deep Learning Methods for Discovering Features in Speech Signals.
  • INTERSPEECH 2014 paper and code paper on how multiframe predictions can significantly improve performance of DNN-HMM systems.
  • Paper, and presentation slides on a method to create augmented datasets for training neural networks on audio data. In Deep Learning for Audio, Speech and Language Processing, ICML 2013
  • Paper on using an autoencoder with deformable template parts to discover features in speech. In Interspeech 2013
  • Tech report, paper, and poster (in Interspeech 2012) on work I did at Google using Deep Neural Networks for Acoustic Modeling in speech recognition systems. This technology is now in use in Google Voice Search on Android and other platforms.
  • Paper on using Transforming Autoencoders for feature discovery (NIPS 2011 Workshop on Deep Learning and Unsupervised Feature Learning)
  • Paper on discovering features in raw speech signals that can be used to achieve high speech recognition accuraccy.
  • Cryobayes: An algorithm for 3D Reconstruction of Macromolecular Structure from Electron Cryo Microscopy data. See paper in Bioinformatics.
  • Decon2LS: a software tool for automatic analysis of high resolution mass spectral data. (Reference).
  • MultiAlign: a software tool for finding mass spectral features common to multiple mass spectral analyses.
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  • Email:

    ndjaitly AT cs DOT toronto DOT edu
  • Office:

    Dept of Computer Science
    Pratt Bldg, Room 275
    6 King's College Rd
    University of Toronto
    Toronto, ON M5S 3G4, Canada
  • Mailing:

    Navdeep Jaitly
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Toronto
    3302-10 King's College Road
    Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5S 3G4*