CSC438F/2404F Logic and Computability, 2019
CSC2541F AI and Ethics: Mathematical Foundations and Algorithms
CSC2429 Proof Complexity, Mathematical Programming and Algorithms, Winter 2018
CSC165 Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science, Winter 2018
CS2429 Proof Complexity, 2017
CSC 263 Data Structures and Analysis, Fall 2015
CSC2401 Introduction to Complexity Theory, Fall 2015
CSC 2429 Communication Complexity: Applications and New Directions, Fall 2014
CSC 2429 Approaches to the P versus NP Problem and Related Complexity Questions, Winter 2014
CSC 2429 Communication Complexity, Information Complexity and Applications, Fall 2013
CSC 2429 Foundations of Communication Complexity, Fall 2009
CSC 2402 Methods to Deal with Intractability, Fall 2009
CSC 2429 PCP and Hardness of Approximation, Fall 2007
CSC 448/2405 Formal Languages and Automata, Spring 2006
CSC 2416 Machine Learning Theory, Fall 2005
CSC 364 Computability and Complexity, Fall 2002
CSC 2429 Propositional Proof Complexity, Fall 2002
CSC 2429 Derandomization, Spring 2001