CSC 364: Computability and Complexity
Winter, 2002

Students should consult this page at least once a week for important information.

***NEW*** ADDITIONAL OFFICE HOURS FOR FINAL EXAM: APRIL 24, 3-4pm, SF2305A AND APRIL 29 6-7pm, SF3207, AND APRIL 30, 3-4pm, SF 2305A, AND APRIL 30, 6-7pm, SF3207

Lectures: W7-9pm SS 2117

Tutorials: W6-7. You are assigned a tutorial section according to the first letter in your last name as follows:
T1: A-Ho in SS 1083. Tutor Lap Chi Lau
T2: Hu-N in WI 524. Tutor Matei David
T3: 0-Z in SS 2117. Tutor Travis Gagie

Instructor: Toniann Pitassi, email: toni@cs
Office: Sandford Fleming 2305A, 978-3695
Office Hours: W 3-4.

Text: Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser.

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