System Details: CSCC11 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining

The language used for the programming assignments in the course is Matlab. Along with C and Python, this is perhaps the most common platform for modern research on machine learning. We do not expect that you already know Matlab, but you are expected to be a competent programmer for this course.

We will setup accounts to ensure that you have access to Matlab.

Here are some link to useful introductions to Matlab:

Running Matlab at UTSC or from home

You will require two software packages:

To start a Matlab session remotely from Windows (at home or at Bladen lab)

To start a Matlab session remotely from Linux:


Please remember that running X11 graphical applications over ssh is inherently slow. This will be most noticeable if you are running applications from home (without the benefit of the universities high speed network). This is a fundamental limitation of X11 and at present there is no reliable way to improve performance. Reducing the amount of graphical information sent over the network will improve things, hence, if you are comfortable running Matlab commands from the command window (without access to all the menus and options provided by the GUI), running Matlab with the '-nodesktop' option should help when running your code at home.