CSCC11: Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining

Fall 2015

General Information
Instructor: Marcus Brubaker (
Office: IC 481
Office Hours: Friday at 2pm (or by appointment)

Teaching Assistant: Narges Norouzi

Lectures: Friday, 11am-1pm (IC 208)
Tutorials: Tuesday, 1pm (AA 204) and 3pm (AA 206)

About the Course
Texts and References
Lecture notes and readings
Textbooks and other resources
Previous Tests
Assignment 1 (due Sept 18th (Written) and Sept 25th (Programming)): handout starter kit
Assignment 2 (due Oct 9th (Written) and Oct 23rd (Programming)): handout starter code data
Assignment 3 (due Nov 6th (Written) and Nov 13th (Programming)): handout starter code data
Assignment 4 (due Nov 30th): handout starter code and data
System Facilities and Software
Submission Procedure