CSC290 Communication Skills for Computer Scientists

Fall 2018

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The midterm take place October 29th during lecture, in the usual lecture hall.
You must write the midterm in the section you a registered in!


The midterm will be separated into two stages:

  • Stage One: Individual (60 min) -- worth 85% This is the type of test that you are used to. The test will comprise mostly of multiple choice questions, with some short answer questions. Each student will hand in one solution sheet and scantron.
  • Stage Two: Group (30 min) -- worth 15% The second part of the midterm test is written in a group of 4 or 5 (your choice). You may choose your own groups. Each group will hand in only one solution sheet and scantron.


The midterm will cover the following material:

  • Week1: Communication Theory
  • Week1 Reading: Writing is thinking
  • Week2: Critical Thinking
    • You do not need to memorize definitions, but should be able to understand the terminology we introduced.
  • Week2 Reading: The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Week3: Project Management and Business Analysis
    • See the "learning outcome" slide
  • Week3 Reading: Seven Reasons IT Projects Fail
  • Week4: UML
    • See the "learning outcome" slide
  • Week4 Readings: UML Distilled, Chapters 9 and 11
  • All grammar readings and exercises

Practise Midterm

The practise midterm is available here.

You should feel free to work on a solution with someone else, or with the entire class. However, I will not be posting solutions.

Midterm Sample Solutions

The solutions for midterms A and B are the same as G1 -- the multiple questions are reordered. Likewise, midterms C and D are identical to G2 minus shuffling.

Midterm Remark Requests

Remark requests are due Monday, November 12th, end of class. You must submit your original midterm paper, and a cover sheet explaining the exact issue with the grading. Your entire midterm will be regraded, so your grade can potentially decrease.