I am a PhD. student in the Machine Learning Group at the University of Toronto, supervised by Professor Sanja Fidler. I am also a research scientist at Nvidia's Toronto AI Lab. My research interests are broadly in deep learning, with the goal being structured geometric representation learning, while taking insights from human perception on 2D images, 3D shapes and videos. I graduated from Peking University in 2018 with Bachelor degree, where I was fortunate to work with Professor Liwei Wang. I also interned in Stanford, MSRA and Nvidia. My CV is here.


I’m currently looking for motivated interns to work with. Please reach out to me if you would like to chat about potential collaborations at NVIDIA!



3D Shape Understanding

Intersection between 3D and 2D

2D Image Understanding

Machine Learning

Research Experiences

Research Scientist at Nvidia

Research Intern at Nvidia

Research Intern at Microsoft Research, Asia

Research Intern at Microsoft Research, Asia

Research Intern at Stanford University

Research Assistant at Peking University

Academic Services

Conference reviewer: NeurIPS; CVPR; ICLR; ICCV; ICML;

Invited Talks

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