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Geoffrey E. Hinton's Publications

Helmholtz Machines

Online versions [if available] can be found in my chronological publications

  • Hinton, G. E. and Zemel, R. S. (1994)
    Autoencoders, Minimum Description Length, and Helmholtz Free Energy. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 6. J. D. Cowan, G. Tesauro and J. Alspector (Eds.), Morgan Kaufmann: San Mateo, CA.
    [abstract] [ps] [pdf]
  • Zemel, R. S. and Hinton, G. E. (1995)
    Learning Population Codes by Minimizing Description Length. Neural Computation, 7, 549-564.
    [abstract] [ps.gz] [pdf]
  • Hinton, G. E., Dayan, P., Frey, B. J. and Neal, R. (1995)
    The wake-sleep algorithm for unsupervised Neural Networks. Science, 268, pp 1158-1161.
    [abstract] [ps] [pdf]
  • Dayan, P., Hinton, G. E., Neal, R., and Zemel, R. S. (1995)
    The Helmholtz Machine . Neural Computation, 7, 1022-1037.
    [abstract] [ps.gz] [pdf]
  • Hinton, G. E., Dayan, P., To, A. and Neal R. M. (1995).
    The Helmholtz machine through time. In F. Fogelman-Soulie and R. Gallinari (editors) ICANN-95, pp. 483-490.
    [abstract] [ps] [pdf]
  • Frey, B. J., Hinton, G. E. and Dayan, P. (1996)
    Does the wake-sleep algorithm learn good density estimators? Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 8. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
    [abstract] [ps] [ps.gz] [pdf]
  • Frey, B. J. and Hinton, G. E. (1996)
    A simple algorithm that discovers efficient perceptual codes. In L. Harris and M. Jenkin (Eds) Computational and Biological Mechanisms of Visual Coding, Cambridge University press, New York.
    [abstract] [ps] [pdf]
  • Dayan, P. and Hinton, G. E. (1996)
    Varieties of Helmholtz Machines.
    Neural Networks, (1996) 9 1385-1403
    [abstract] [ps] [pdf]

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