En-Shiun Lee

Annie Lee

Assistant Professor

Ontario Tech University

Status-Only Assistant Professor

University of Toronto


Annie En-Shiun Lee is an Assistant Professor at OntarioTechU working on Tech with a Conscience, she is also an Status-Only Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Previousy she was an Assistant Professor Teaching Stream CLTA in Computer Science at University of Toronto.
Professor Lee received her PhD from the University of Waterloo in 2014 under the supervision of Andrew K. C. Wong and Daniel Stashuk from the Centre of Pattern Intelligence and Machine Intelligence. She has been a visiting researcher at the Fields Institute (invited by Nancy Reid) and CUHK (invited by K. S. Leung and M. H. Wong) as well as a research scientist at VerticalScope and Stradigi AI.

More about ME.

  • Domain adaptation of low resource languages applications
  • Interpretability for medical text
  • Training and education high-quality technical specialists
  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2009-2014

    University of Waterloo

  • Masters of Mathematics, 2006-2008

    University of Waterloo

  • Joint Honours Bachelor of Mathematics with Co-operative Education, 1999-2004

    University of Waterloo


Professor Lee’s research focuses on finding patterns in society and in nature. More specifically, she is interested in exploring data for discovering patterns and their structures in order to uncover the underlying knowledge. Generally she focuses on where supervised training is not possible (i.e. unsupervised pattern analysis, domain adaptation, and interpreting models).