Information for New Students

I am always on a lookout for excellent students to join our group, on a Masters or a Ph.D. level. Successful applicants should be motivated to dissect challenging real-world problems into pieces and solving these pieces using modeling, formal methods, machine learning, automated reasoning, logic, and a variety of other methods. They should also enjoy engineering scalable solutions to these real-world problems.

Please refer to the projects page. We are specifically looking for people to work on the Automotive Safety project (a recently-funded multi-year project with General Motors), and on the Software Evolution project. But also looking, in general, for people who enjoy modeling and reasoning about software!

If you are interested, here are two things you need to do:

  • Apply to the Department, by the deadline of early December, 2017
  • Indicate interest in Modeling and Reasoning about Software as an area of research (this means, I will get to read your application)
  • (optionally) Send me a note informing me of your application.
I am extremely proud of graduates of my group. Almost all of my Ph.D. graduates continued on with careers in research, either at academic instritutions or at industrial research labs. I sincerely hope you will join our group as well!
Last updated: November 27, 2017